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welcome Always welcome toTayeb Hosting and Marketing

Login prefer on a page Plans and services that we offer And commensurate with all the aspirations and desires of your customers.
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We are honored to visit our office And meet us or contact us   
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ـ Jeddah ـ The intersection of Prince Majed With Palestine   جوال : 0558486222


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As we are used strong performances also in the SMS short messages Visit site to learn about offers

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The best offer for commercial sites

On the occasion of the new Hijra year offer you the best deals 2500 S.R design, installation, and management of the domain site and that we have provided everything you.
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Design and deployment of Mobile app

Design and programming of Mobile app and published in the Google Play store و iTunes marketplaceBillion people market . 

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Only now in 1000 a personal card colorful and Msilvn 100 riyals only from within the new year offers AH-Tayeb With your affairs are all good, God willing.

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Get to know us up close and you are the winner

Try to deal with us you will brings you customers in the world's biggest market. Internet now in every home and every office and every institution and every company, but became surrounds us in every time and place  We have made it easier for you the way with all our expertise and capabilities to provide you with it with ease and with minimal effort from you, and lower costs. Just communicate with us and give us your information and the details of your business and your logo and we'll do everything for you from scratch until the end .
  • Choose the right software .
  • Choose the right template .
  • Choose the right plan for you .
  • Choosing Domain .
  • Fill in the data and content .
  • Installation of notification and images
  • Banners and design of any images required for site 
  • Publish the site on search engines
  • Annotations in advertising and promotional campaigns
  •   Management of the site completely to God wills


Choose your option and leave us

Select SOA with your taste and your programming appropriate to your capabilities or give us your information and leave us to check Vanma we will find a right for you.
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Technical support and management of the whole site

Emptied of customers and allow us to fully manage the site, all the requests and desires to be implemented because we are always sustained with you to update your site and develop it first hand.
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The ideal marketing

Marketing of the most important tools to succeed and it must be done very carefully and experienced team as long as you are ready to receive visitors and customers and launched campaigns.
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Success and prosperity

Everyone knows that he does not Guyana Internet at this particular time in all areas and no one can do without him, why not Nsk and Nstglh success and flowering 
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Customer satisfaction   95%
Providing our customers  75%
Spread our services  85%

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